Recent Project Updates

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August 5, 2015

Nepal update. Our project to help the refugees from three remote Sherpa villages devastated by the earthquakes is finally almost finished. Tserings Fund arranged to supply items needed by the families as they wait out the monsoon and plan on how they will rebuild their villages. Raj Kumar Dhakal volunteered to purchase everything and managed to deliver it to the villagers yesterday. Among the items are 90 blankets, 100 pieces of metal roofing material, a 1000 ltr water tank as well as a table and benches. It may not seen like much but all these items will help these families cope with their temporary existence until they can safely return to their villages and try to put their lives back together. Thanks's all possible because of you.

August 3

Nepal update. A wonderful rescue coming to fruition. A few weeks ago Pem Dorjee sent word of a 6 year old girl in his village, little Mingmar Tamang, who's mother had died and alcoholic father was forcing her to work as a babysitter to help support the family. Tserings Fund found a sponsor from Big Sky and today Mingmar is on the day long trip to Kathmandu to begin school. She has nothing but the clothes she is wearing so her sponsor has asked that Pem Dorjee and Phula buy everything she needs to begin her new life. Tsering and Bishnu will get her enrolled and she will have a safe, healthy and bright future. With the wonderful personal connections we have with local volunteers we can be so effective in making a difference in children's lives. Thanks to our sponsors and all our volunteers.

July 29

Nepal update. Well here they are....proud in their new school uniforms. The Sherpa Four as we lovingly call them in before and after pictures. On the left is the day we first met these children the day they were brought to Bal Madir Orphanage after losing their father in the Langtang avalanche caused by the earthquake. Now with sponsorship through Tserings Fund they are in school and moving on toward a new life. That's what it's all about.....thank you donors and sponsors.

July 19

Nepal update. One of our relief projects is to provide sheets and blankets for every family in Raj's village of Dhakalkhot in the Sindupalchok Region of Nepal. Here are pictures of Raj and the villagers handing out the much needed supplies. As many of you know these families lost everything in the two quakes and that includes blankets and sheets to sleep on. Just another seemingly small thing to us in America but another important item for these people.